Anthony – Short Bio

Short detailing of the man behind the Piano!

My name is Anthony Henderson, as of 2016, I am 28 years old. I’ve studied at LaGuardia Community College for Computer Science and Programming. Took several years off working as a Supervisor for a Shelter Program, helping the drug afflicted and homeless, providing services for those in need, education and option to those who are mis-fortunate.

After doing that for two years, my career took me to Audio Visual Technology, in where I studied to become a Computer Tech Specialist. On-off Videographer, taking contract’s that deal with the latest technology on the planet, installing video-walls, panels, etc.

My affinity towards Music has always been there. A traveling beatboxer since 3 years old, rhythm was always in close association. Learning how to play the Clarinet, Tenor and Alto Sax, Flute, Drums, becoming ambidextrous and learning how to play the Piano as of early 2015, helped me  develop a new level of expression when it comes to Music, picking up Music Theory lessons shortly after.

My earliest inspiration and teacher is Bethany Wild, she can be found here!

Modest teacher with a vast knowledge of jazz, jazz history, a singer, song writer, producer, editor and performer and of course has a baby stand grand piano at home. It was easy to embrace the hard work of music by having such a study. From there, I graduated to a few other inter-personal Youtube coaches while refining technique.



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